Forex Trading Systems

Forex trading systems are winning trading strategies. They are systems that consistently put you ahead of 98% of all other traders out there. They are all about the right approach that gives you an edge on the market and on every trade you make. It’s not about taking a chance on a trade that looks good and then hoping it turns out ok – that’s for other people. This is about the most profitable trading processes that deliver long term sustainable results.

Most peopforex trading systemle who trade think they have some sort of system. In reality you will find that they don’t have sound principles to trade from, they don’t have a compelling reason to enter each trade and they don’t have a trading plan. The other thing you will find is that most of these trades are interrupted by any one of a hundred factors that serve as a distraction to the overall approach.

Investors using forex trading systems are able to manage their trading activity much better. There is more preparation around each trade and a support system that allows them to really enjoy the trading rather than be anxious and nervous all the time. If you ask most people if they really enjoy trading I bet the answer would be no. This is because without the right system in place it is a nerve wracking business – you can lose sleep every night if you don’t feel comfortable that what you are doing is actually going to reward you.

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So, where do you start? The best place is with your objectives. Ask yourself what it is you want to achieve with this. The reason this is important is that there is not just one type of system. In the same way that we all have a variety of different objectives, there a large number of different systems to help you succeed. It’s really important that you find the right one that fits you. A common mistake is that people start using the wrong system and blame that when things don’t go right. Actually they had just picked a way of working that was not aligned with what they really needed.

This answers the question as to why so many people are disappointed with the results they are getting – its normally that their approach is not right. It’s kind of like people that go on a diet – many people have wildly ambitious targets and then give up when they don’t hit them after two weeks even though they don’t follow the program! The key here is finding the right program and then having the discipline to carry it through.

There is really good news with this approach too. Each time you get a little success it encourages you to carry on. You start off with small trades, get control of that system and then move on to larger ones with more confidence. You can further adapt the process through Automated Forex Trading Systems.

So this system has a solid base and applies sound principles. It encourages you to make use of a number of key qualities that you really need to have in place to be consistently successful. These are the support for an organised system with a set of easy to follow actions that can be performed on a repeatable basis.

The first element of a good trading system is in the format of a plan. If you are the kind of trader that just wants to jump in and take risks then this is not for you. The plan is built up of a number of key tasks starting with organisation then leading into the next phase which is research. You will be following a specific currency pair and becoming familiar with the movements of this pair within the market. The research can be based on fundamental or technical analysis and is based around the type of trades you are aiming to execute in that market.

Build a Successful Forex Trading Plan

You can see that we are already dividing the types of traders into two camps already. The ones that like to base their trades on fundamental factors and economic indicators and the ones that use charts for technical analysis. I have to admit that I thought the technical analysts were just a bunch of people that were hoping for clues in a strange set of figures but that’s only because I didn’t understand what they were doing. When I actually took the time to learn more about it and had an expert show me how it all worked I became hooked and now the charts are a key part to my system.

I’d highly recommend you look at a system that uses chart analysis within the trading strategy. I’m not saying you should ignore the fundamentals, they can cause the market to move suddenly and you need to be able to react to that quickly. Part of a successful strategy is being able to exit your trades at the right time in any circumstances. In fact you will find that one of the key principles of a successful forex trading system is that it is more important where you exit the trade that where you enter it.

That may sound a bit strange to some people but one of the things you will need to learn is that you shouldn’t be following the crowd. To explain the exit strategy a bit further you need to remember that many people agonise for long periods of time about when the exact right entry position should be that they often miss a number of key trades they could have made. Defining and executing the right exit position is the difference between a winning trade and a losing one.

Think about that for a minute – if you exit at the right time you will more often than not allow your winning trades to get maximum value at also cut short your losing trades. And that is another one of the key principles – let your winners run and get out of losing positions quickly. Far too many people hang on to a losing position just hoping it will turn around. In fact they will sometimes increase their position in the vain hope that when it does turn they will gain more. Unfortunately they more often than not end up losing way more than if they had just cut and run and then got into a new trade.

One other area that sets winning systems aside is how they handle risk. Here I am referring to the how you factor in the upside of a trade to the potential downside. You need to be looking at a return of at least two times your possible loss, even better if possible. The key here is ensuring you manage your stop loss strategy correctly. You want confidence that you are protected but also assurance that you won’t get taken out at a small spike. Tghis is where there can be some key advatages with automated forex trading systems if you use the correct one.

Above all you need to make sure that you are using a strategy that meets your needs and requirements. Forex trading systems are not there to dictate your style they are designed to help support your succcess.

Forex Trading Systems